Explore Top Northeast Business School Options and Fund Your Grad Degree WITHOUT a Student Loan!




  1. Are you looking into business schools in Greater Boston, New England or the Northeast?
  2. Do you need help evaluating programs and assessing the best path for you?
  3. Did you know there is an alternative to student loans enabling you to potentially get your grad degree with an Income Share Agreement?

MentorWorks is more than just financing…

MentorWorks provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing as an alternative to student loans – enabling students to launch their careers without the heavy burden of debt.

Through a hybrid “fund and support” model, MentorWorks offers ISA financing with career development, professional mentoring, and access to employers.

In other words, we’re not just about financing and, in fact, “pay it forward” by also offering 1-1 counseling around admission to b-schools and professional programs, covering such topics as:


  • Who we are, what we do, how ISAs work
  • Navigating admissions, questions to ask (and to whom)
  • Covid-19 updates (GRE/GMAT deadlines, application and tuition changes)
  • Our Talent Accelerator Program, TAP – a comprehensive career coaching platform
  • Direct access to employers and other job candidate support (evaluating offers, etc.).



1. Apply

Our online application will ask you about your education and your employment status, among other details.

  • Apply through the MentorWorks ISA platform
  • Select the amount you need
  • We’ll be in touch within 10 business days

2. Our Offer

If your ISA application is approved, you'll know the maximum amount you'd pay upfront. You'll never pay more than the amount in your contract. 

You'll also begin our Talent Accelerator (Career Enhancement) Program.


3. You Accept

You can use your financing for things such as:

  • Tuition or program fees
  • Bootcamp or certificate programs
  • Other expenses as approved
  • We pay your school directly

4. Complete Your Program

Once you graduate from your program (or discontinue your studies) you'll begin paying back your ISA if your income meets or exceeds the stated income threshold in your contract.

5. Time to Market Yourself!

MentorWorks has relationships with top-notch employers, and can help get your resume in front of them. In our Talent Accelerator Program (TAP), we provide assistance with such items as:

  • Job Search Strategy 
  • Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Personal & Professional Branding
  • Interviewing & Negotiation
  • Best Practices Webinars
  • Virtual Office Hours & Whiteboarding Sessions
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

6. Start Working

 Congrats! You’ve landed a job!

You’ll start payments on the agreed percentage upon your first payment period.

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