Starting a business can be difficult when it comes to raising capital. Oftentimes, using funding from family and friends is not sufficient to create sustainable proof points and gain market traction. Using personal credit cards and home equity lines are an alternative, but they are inherently riskier. They also require immediate fixed payments which can be steep for any entrepreneur in their early stages.

What is an Entrepreneurial Income Share Agreement


An E-ISA is a loan that provides entrepreneurs the flexibility to pay a percentage of income for a three-year period. This gives entrepreneurs the flexibility to experiment and grow their ventures during the early years without worrying about paying off loans. The loan converts to a fixed term loan after three years.


More than just financing…

Facilitating connections with aligned mentor and advisors as well as investors

Set up for success with early financing when traction is limited

Funded entrepreneurs return as mentors, and receive payment discounts

The Mentorworks Difference


MentorWorks Ventures is dedicated to providing entrepreuners with flexibility to overcome the stress of raising seed capital and get in front of the work that needs to be done to create successful businesses.