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We live in an era of digital convergence, when the most successful leaders are the most innovative at integrating their organizations’ physical, human, and digital resources. Bringing all of that together is Northeastern’s experience-powered approach to education. The Career Accelerator Studio in Data Analytics is:


  • Real-World Ready: Get the key skills to develop a career as a data analyst, database manager or platform administrator.
  • Online & Experiential: Rich on-demand content combined with live, top-quality teaching plus access to Northeastern’s extensive learning resources.
  • On Your Schedule: Complete program in either 12 weeks (full-time) or 25 weeks (part-time). All live content recorded for flexible access/any time.
  • Project-Based: Practice applying in your own work what you learn in the program – and receive feedback and support from faculty and peers.
  • Career-Focused: Includes access to MentorWorks’ platform for job search preparation, career support, and employment opportunities.


  • Earn Relevant Micro-Credentials:
  • Tableau Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Einstein Discovery Insights Specialist
  • 10+ Salesforce Admin trailhead badges
  • 2 Salesforce analytics-focused Super Badges

Innovative Payment Option:

  • Pay for the program in full or apply to finance it with an Income Share Agreement (ISA), which allows students to enroll without up-front tuition costs ^

^ Learn more about ISAs. ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. ISAs may not be available to residents of California.



  • Options for industry-recognized certification (AWS, Salesforce, and Tableau)
  • Acquire the skills employers want and become job ready with in-demand credentials
  • Full access to Northeastern University’s extensive resource catalog and library
  • Career coaching, corporate networking opportunities and job search resources via MentorWorks’ Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP)



  • Expert-Crafted: Designed by one of the world’s top online learning teams – delivering an exceptional learning and networking environment
  • From a Top University: Northeastern University is Rated #1 in innovation and known for both experiential learning and for being plugged in to employer demand
  • Tailored Virtual Content: Optimized to give a high quality virtual learning experience with a mixture of visual and auditory resources utilized
  • Live + On-Demand: Course delivery is fully online; mixture of synchronous (live) content and asynchronous (pre-recorded) content plus group activities

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Companies that Hire Our Students

What Students Are Saying

“The specialized knowledge that I have gained [sic], such as exploratory data analysis, prediction modeling, visualization with different types of datasets, and the assignments that were provided by lecturers, helped me to be, more confident and has improved my analytical, writing, and research skills.”

Smita Gupta
HRIT Analyst
MPS, Analytics, Northeastern University D-Amore-McKim School of Business

“Find your passion and find a way to make it marketable. Then acknowledge your barriers and figure out how to break them down.”

Fatimat Lukan
Data Analyst, Akamai Technologies
Graduate, Northeastern University Data Analytics Bootcamp

Northeastern University’s Data Analytics Curriculum, Cost & Schedule


Duration : 5 days; 1 week


This course introduces the Python programming language, its syntax, programming principles, mathematical functionality and suitability for practical data analysis. Learners will be given the tools to design and implement basic Python programs for data analytics applications.

Indicative topics include:

  • Introduction to Programming and Python
  • Control Structures
  • Functions
  • Structures
Duration : 5 days; 1 week


This course introduces the foundational mathematical and statistical knowledge and tools required for programming and data analytics. Learners will be given the tools and terminology to solve basic mathematical and statistical problems.

Indicative topics include:

  • Python Packages for Mathematical Techniques in Data Science
  • Principles of Proof and Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Hypothesis Testing
Duration: 5 days; 1 week


This course explores how analytics and predictive modeling generate business and develop policies. It introduces learners to business concepts, terminology and strategic frameworks for analyzing the external and internal business environments and developing digital transformation strategies.

Indicative topics include:

  • Digital Transformation in Business
  • Business Modeling
  • Business Data Analysis
  • Ethics
Duration : 10 days; 2 weeks


This course introduces the subject of data analytics. Learners will be taught how raw data is collected, stored, cleansed and interrogated in order to contribute to the needs of organizations. Learners will apply Python packages commonly used for data analytics, encompassing basic graphical, numerical and statistical tools. Learners will be given the tools to understand the issues with data and datasets and how to overcome them to ensure robust analyses.

Indicative topics include:

  • The Data Science Lifecycle
  • Data cleansing and manipulation, modeling and visualization
  • Cloud Analytics
Duration: 10 days; 2 weeks


This course develops learners’ knowledge and skills of data analytics, using more advanced techniques and thinking. In particular, learners will develop skills in data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and reporting.

Indicative topics include:

  • Predictive Modelling for Analysts
  • Advanced Cloud Computing
  • Data Visualization, Reporting and Dashboards
Duration : 15 days; 3 weeks


A hands-on, mini data analytics project applying the data science lifecycle. Learners will identify a business problem and manipulate, analyze, model and visualize data using Python. The project aims to simulate a real-life business.


10 day Pre-Program Bootcamp (6 hours per day; part-time option available)


Then, after successful completion of Pre-Program Bootcamp…


10 weeks full-time Career Accelerator Studio – Data Analytics (6 hours per day; 3 hours instructor guided & 3 hours of activities)


Self-paced part-time Career Accelerator Studio – Data Analytics (minimum commitment 12 hours per week; maximum duration 25 weeks)



  • Pre-Program Bootcamp: $500*
  • Career Accelerator Studio in Data Analytics: $16,500 (full-time or part-time)


  • Early Application Deadline:* Jan 21, 2022
  • Final Application Deadline: Feb 04, 2022
  • Pre-Program Bootcamp begins: Feb 28, 2022
  • Program begins: Mar 14, 2022

* If you apply by January 21st, 2022, and are admitted to the program, you will receive a code for $250 off the non-refundable enrollment fee..

Pay your tuition with an Income Share Agreement (ISA): With an ISA you only make payments once you get a job and earn at or above a minimum income level. With an ISA you do not pay your tuition up-front. ISAs* may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. ISAs may not be available to residents of California.

Learn more about ISAs here. Want to talk with someone? Schedule a Call here.

* ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. Information above provided by Northeastern University, (2021). MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. This listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of ISA financing by Northeastern University. Northeastern University is not a representative or an affiliate of MentorWorks or Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. and does not in any manner endorse their programs. References on this website to Northeastern University do not guarantee ISA eligibility or serve as financial advice. You should carefully consider your choice of educational program and seek advice from a qualified advisor.

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Also, here is more information about Income Share Agreements and/or other ways MentorWorks helps students.

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What Income Share Agreements Are & How It Works at MentorWorks



Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are a flexible alternative to traditional fixed payment installment loans. Basically, students pay a percentage of their future income for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest. Unlike a loan, students do not pay until they find a job and reach the minimum income threshold. The payments adjust according to the level of the student’s income – providing downside protections for the student. ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. ISAs may not be available to residents of California.


  • Students do not pay until they find a job and reach the minimum income threshold
  • The payments adjust according to levels of the student’s income
  • Monthly payments are calculated by applying the income share rate to the total monthly earned income
  • ISA obligations can be ended earlier by making early payments as listed in the early payment schedule


Income Share Agreements     VS.       PLUS/Private Loans
Interest does not accrue or capitalize. Interest accrues and capitalizes.
Your credit score does not affect the terms of your ISA. Your credit score may affect the terms of your loan and could impact your eligibility.
Monthly payments are based on a percentage of your income. You pay a fixed amount each month, regardless of your income.
Payments don’t start until you make above the minimum salary level in your ISA contract. You make payments, even if you are not making an income.
You only make ISA payments within a specific timeframe, usually 5-7 years. After that your obligation is over. Loan payment term can extend indefinitely until you pay off the principal and interest.
You know the maximum amount you’ll pay, no matter what. Interest is capitalized, so the final payoff amount can increase over the life of the loan if you do not make minimum monthly payments.

What We Do at MentorWorks & How We Help Students



Our mission is to open pathways to education and careers for students and candidates who may not have had the financial or social capital to do it on their own.



Which Students We Fund

  • College juniors & seniors and Master’s degree / post-graduate students
  • Trainees in boot-camp, professional or trade certificate programs
  • Aspiring career-changers & experienced professionals facing unemployment

How We Support Job Candidates

  • Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) – comprehensive, personalized job search & career coaching program
  • MW Labs Experience – experiential learning opportunities to propose solutions to hiring employers
  • Employer Engagement – live virtual events with employers, mentoring sessions and practice interviews