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MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. partners with a wide array of schools to provide students funding for education via Income Share Agreements (ISAs) – an income-driven alternative to traditional loans and debt. Learn more about MentorWorks, ISAs or check for ISA availability.

About preHired

Information below provided by preHired, (2020). MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. (MentorWorks) is not a representative of preHired and this listing does not constitute a recommendation, endorsement, or accreditation. preHired is not a representative or an affiliate of MentorWorks or Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. References on this website to preHired do not guarantee ISA eligibility or serve as financial advice. You should carefully consider your choice of educational program and seek advice from a qualified advisor.

After ~12 weeks, Prehired members average $73,000 in their first year & 6-figure potential in their second year. And you can start for $0 down.

Prehired is NOT a class, a school or your normal “higher ed.” You do NOT have “teachers,” “classmates” or “graduates.”

Prehired is a sales community to help you get hired, promoted, and making 6-figures & relationships with people who have your back for the life of your career. Because they’re a membership association and not a school or a bootcamp or postsecondary education, they are tied to your career success.

That starts with training, mentoring and networking to help you land a full-time sales job in a business-to-business (B2B) software company within about 12 weeks — even with no previous sales or tech experience. And it continues with lifetime access to their multiple courses, content updates, mentoring, job references, their active online members-only group, live trainings, their yearly summit and partner job opportunities.

As a lifetime membership association with a job guarantee, they help you get hired to tech sales careers at companies YOU want to work for, hit six figures asap and keep getting promoted.

Science-Based Sales® – Prehired

  • Modules 1-5: Tools of the Trade
    • Module 1: An Intro to Science-Based Sales®
    • Module 2: Basic Sales Tools
    • Module 3: Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)
    • Module 4: LinkedIn Best Practices
    • Module 5: Advanced Sales Tools
  • Modules 6-10: Science-Based Sales® Skills
    • Module 6: Ideal Customer Profiles
    • Module 7 : Effective Messaging
    • Module 8: Sales Call Playbook
    • Module 9: How to Conduct Sales Meetings
    • Module 10: The Psychology of Science-Based Sales®
  • Modules 11-15: Workflows & Getting Hired
    • Module 11: Building Your Brand
    • Module 12: Workflows & Systems
    • Module 13: Securing Interviews & Job Offers
    • Module 14: Science-Based Sales® Certification
    • Module 15: Mentorship & Getting Hired

Typical preHired Timeline

  • Week 1: Start Course
  • Weeks 2-6: – Complete Course
  • Weeks 7-8 – Coursework Approval
  • Weeks 9-14: 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Weeks 9-14: Outreach to Target Companies
  • Weeks 13-14: Negotiate Job Offers
  • Week 14: Accept Top Job Offer
  • Weeks 14+: Start Your Career and Get Paid

Science-Based Sales® – Promoted
The Science-Based Sales® Promoted program will help you get promoted to a senior sales role one year after starting your career.

Science-Based Sales® – Manager
The Science-Based Sales® Manager program will help you quickly earn your way into management two years after starting your career.

Third-party Market Data

From Glassdoor, Software Sales Representative salaries in the US average $79,842/yr in base pay and additional cash compensation of $64,430. That adds up to $144,272. And while making 6 figures is NOT average for year 1, it’s common in year 2 onward.

School-reported Student Data

  • 96% of Prehired members are hired within 6 months of starting
  • Average first-year earnings: $73k (with six-figure potential in year 2)
  • Any member who follows the program and doesn’t land a 60k+ offer pays nothing
  • Average salary range for a Prehired Sales Development Rep (SDR) is $60-80k/yr with promotion at 3-9 months compared to US avg $40-60k/yr with promotion at 12-18 months
  • Average salary range for a Prehired Account Executive (AE) or SDR Team Lead is $100-110k/yr with promotion at 3-9 months compared to US avg $60-100k/yr with promotion at 6-12 months

Prehired’s acceptance rate is only around 5% but the prerequisites are few. Instead, through phone and video call interactions, preHired seeks what it calls the 4 A’s in candidates:

They look for the 4 A’s…

    • Attitude – They like people who have a positive outlook and are coachable. Whether you have 40+ years of sales experience or are completely new to sales or the tech space, you’re in good company.
    • Aptitude – If you have native-level English (reading, writing and listening) skills, you can follow instructions without being told something several times, and you have basic computer skills (including typing without thinking about where the keys are), you can probably learn software sales.
    • Ambition – If you’re excited to join the tech industry, to challenge yourself and to keep stepping up even after stumbling, you’ve got the drive you need. Remember, even average software sales reps make $60,000 to $80,000 in year 1 and $100,000+ from year 2 onward. Yet many people either can’t land or keep software sales jobs because they give up before learning how to succeed.
    • Accountability – This one is about doing what you say you’re going to do. It’s important that you complete your coursework, comes to interviews on time and prepared, etc. It’s also about taking full responsibility for your actions.

Very few of their members had any previous tech experience when they joined. More than half of their members have no previous sales experience. These include fresh college grads, Uber drivers and mid-career switchers.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, what’s important is you’re open to our guidance. Members hungry for mentorship and who take action succeed.

Their members work at companies like Zoom, Google, Drift, Gong, Houzz, OutboundEngine, Outreach.io, Salesforce, and many, many more (100s in fact).

You do NOT need any previous sales experience. More than 50% of our members in a given month come without a sales background. In a way, it’s actually a benefit, because you won’t have any bad habits to unlearn.

Apply for membership online.

Tuition & Payment Plans

Lifetime Membership Fee: $30,000

Most of our members pay with an Income Share Agreement (ISA); here’s how it works:

  • $0 up-front cost.
  • Once earning $40,000+ annual base salary ($3,333.33/month), you pay 12.5% of your gross income for 48 months.
  • The ISA is capped. You’ll never pay more than $30,000, no matter how high your income.
  • If you stop working or make less than $3,333.33 in a month, your ISA pauses. There’s no interest.
  • Your ISA expires after 8 years, even if you’ve paid nothing.
  • You can also Take $3k off your $30k ISA payment cap for starting $250 monthly payments when you join (optional).

Income Share Agreements may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.


Cash and flat-payment plan options are also available.

‍Whichever option you choose, you have LIFETIME access to our content updates, mentoring, job references, their active online members-only group, live trainings, their yearly summit and partner job opportunities.

You have the right to cancel your Prehired Membership within 7 days of starting as long as you’ve not completed more than 30% of the course. You will know exactly how much of the course you’ve completed, since the course dashboard shows you as you go.

ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.

What We Do at MentorWorks & How We Help Students



Our mission is to open pathways to education and careers for students and candidates who may not have had the financial or social capital to do it on their own.



Which Students We Fund

  • College juniors & seniors and Master’s degree / post-graduate students
  • Trainees in boot-camp, professional or trade certificate programs
  • Aspiring career-changers & experienced professionals facing unemployment

How We Support Job Candidates

  • Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) – comprehensive, personalized job search & career coaching program
  • MW Labs Experience – experiential learning opportunities to propose solutions to hiring employers
  • Employer Engagement – live virtual events with employers, mentoring sessions and practice interviews

What Income Share Agreements Are & How They Compare to Loans



ISAs are a flexible alternative to loans. Basically, students pay an affordable percentage of their future income for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest.


  • Students do not pay until they find a job and reach the minimum income threshold
  • The payments adjust according to levels of the student’s income
  • Monthly payments are calculated by applying the income share rate to the total monthly earned income
  • ISA obligations can be ended earlier by making early payments as listed in the early payment schedule


Income Share Agreements     VS.       PLUS/Private Loans
Interest does not accrue or capitalize. Interest accrues and capitalizes.
Your credit score does not affect the terms of your ISA. Your credit score may affect the terms of your loan and could impact your eligibility.
Monthly payments are based on a percentage of your income. You pay a fixed amount each month, regardless of your income.
Payments don’t start until you make above the minimum salary level in your ISA contract. You make payments, even if you are not making an income.
You only make ISA payments within a specific timeframe, usually 5-7 years. After that your obligation is over. Loan payment term can extend indefinitely until you pay off the principal and interest.
You know the maximum amount you’ll pay, no matter what. Interest is capitalized, so the final payoff amount can increase over the life of the loan if you do not make minimum monthly payments.