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MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. partners with a wide array of schools to provide students funding for education via Income Share Agreements (ISAs) – an income-driven alternative to traditional loans and debt. Learn more about MentorWorks, ISAs or check for ISA availability.

About Venture University

Information below provided by Venture University, (2020). MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. (MentorWorks) is not a representative of Venture University and this listing does not constitute a recommendation, endorsement, or accreditation. Venture University is not a representative or an affiliate of MentorWorks or Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. References on this website to Venture University do not guarantee ISA eligibility or serve as financial advice. You should carefully consider your choice of educational program and seek advice from a qualified advisor.

Venture University Is Designed For Individuals Looking To Gain High Quality Investment Experience In Order To Break Into The VC/PE Industry, Launch Their Own Funds, Or Advance Their Careers

  • Develop Key Skill Sets: Deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, investment evaluation, raising LP capital, and increasing the success of portfolio companies
  • Time Commitment: Join VU’s Investor Accelerator, full-time or part-time, for 11 weeks (~3 months), or 2-4 quarters (~6 to 12 months), to get more investment experience
  • Build A Track Record: Make ~2-5 investments per quarter (up to 20 investments over 12 months), each targeting a >10x+ return, and co-invest with top tier investors
  • Profit Sharing Agreement: Share in the financial upside on the investments made via a Profit Sharing Agreement

Investor Accelerator Program
Develop The Skills, Experience, & Network For Breaking Into The VC/PE Industry

  • 11 Weeks, Virtual or San Francisco, New York City, and Hong Kong
  • Join The Investment Team of VU Venture Partners: Become an Analyst, Associate, Principal, or Venture Partner (for Angels, Emerging Fund Managers, and individuals looking to join as a Partner at a VC/PE fund)
  • Learn & Work Alongside Top Performing Investors: 35+ yrs of VC/PE experience, investing $1.8B+ in 250+ companies, with over a 4x+ net cash returns as early investors in Beyond Meat, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Venmo, etc.
  • Develop Your Skills: Deal sourcing, doing due diligence, and investment evaluation
  • Gain Broad Experience: Focus on seed through growth stage companies across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, and PropTech
  • Weekly Partner Meetings: Present your top investment opportunities each week
  • Investment Committees: Make and review investment recommendations
  • Build A Portfolio & Establish A Track Record: Make ~2-5 investments per quarter (up to 20 investments over 12 months), each targeting a 10x+ return, and co-invest with top-tier investors
  • Provide Portfolio Support: Help portfolio companies succeed
  • Profit Sharing Agreement: Share in the financial upside on the investments made

Executive Education Classes

    • The VC/PE Masterclass
      The VC/PE Masterclass is an investment intensive course that covers the critical concepts of venture capital and private equity, with a number of case studies and group discussions. Includes ~25 hours of course material, covering 100+ core topics, going over 250+ slides.

Select one of the two VC/PE Masterclass options that works best for your schedule:

      • Option 1: One Week Live Program
        • Location: Live In-Person (NYC, SF, HK) Or Join Virtually
        • Schedule: 5 Full Days, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST / 12-8pm EST / 6pm-12 HKT. See course schedule below.
      • Option 2: Online On-Demand Program
        • Location: Anywhere. All you need is access to the internet to watch the video course content on our platform.
        • Schedule: Anytime. Watch the video course course content on your own schedule and join 8 live Q&A sessions on Wednesday nights (6-7pm PST / 9-10pm EST) / Thursday mornings (9-10am HKT)
    • Global Market Modules
      Learn about investing in Global Markets including:

China, India, SE Asia, Europe, E. Europe, Russia, Middle East, Israel, LatAm, Africa

    • 9 Weeks, One Day Per Week
    • Wednesdays: 3:30-5:30pm PST, 6:30-8:30pm EST / Thursdays: 6:30-8:30am HKT
  • Global Investor Trip
    Visit multiple cities in China, and meet with accelerators, VCs, and startups. The Global Investor Trip is in partnership with Accathon Capital.
    • Location: China
    • Time: 10-12 Days
    • Schedule: The VC Cross-Border Trip happens once per quarter, and is during the 12th and 13th week, after the Investor Accelerator

School-reported Student Outcome Data

  • Venture University has a powerful investor alumni network of 170+ individuals from around the world.
  • VU alums have had a high success rate with >50% getting VC/PE jobs within 12 months of graduating, with roles ranging from Analyst to Partner level, launching their own funds as emerging fund managers, and professionalizing themselves as angel investors and/or family offices.

Candidate Criteria
Individuals that participate in Venture University’s programs include:

  • Experienced professionals, with backgrounds such as investment banking, consulting, and corporate development
  • Industry experts
  • Angel investors & family offices
  • Emerging fund managers
  • Founders & entrepreneurs
  • Current and recent undergraduates and graduate students
  • A preference for those that have evidence of extraordinary abilities and a track record of exceptional achievement

Venture University seeks candidates who have:

  • A strong level of intellectual curiosity
  • A passion for innovation
  • Are contrarian and dynamic thinkers
  • Have a desire to invest in and work with disruptive companies that are going after the largest market opportunities that exist and building a better future for humanity
  • Gone against the odds with spectacular success and/or failure and have learned great lessons
  • Have developed an unfair and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Created something from nothing through a creative act or business model
  • Executed something to a large scale with limited resources in a short period of time
  • Uncovered and leveraged secrets within markets
  • Built solutions to hard problems

All applications can be completed online.


  • Investor Accelerator Program
    • $20,000 in-person or $15,000 online
  • The VC/PE Masterclass
    • $5,000 in-person or
    • $2,500 online ($1,500 for Undergraduate and MBA students)
  • Advanced VC/PE Modules
    • $5,000 in-person
    • $2,500 online ($1,500 for Undergraduate and MBA students)
  • Global Market Modules
    • $5,000
  • Global Investor Trip
    • $10,000

Financial Aid

Traditional financial aid options are not available for Venture University. However, you may be eligible to pay for tuition through the MentorWorks Income Share Agreement (ISA) program. With an ISA, a student has his or her education supported by an investor, in return for a contract to pay a specified percentage of income for a fixed period of time after graduation.

  • ISA payments adjust according to levels of income
  • Monthly payments are calculated by applying the student’s income share rate to their total monthly earned income
  • ISA obligations can be ended earlier by making early payments as listed in an early payment schedule

Check ISA availability at this or another school.

Income Share Agreements may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.


ISAs may be issued by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.

What We Do at MentorWorks & How We Help Students



Our mission is to open pathways to education and careers for students and candidates who may not have had the financial or social capital to do it on their own.



Which Students We Fund

  • College juniors & seniors and Master’s degree / post-graduate students
  • Trainees in boot-camp, professional or trade certificate programs
  • Aspiring career-changers & experienced professionals facing unemployment

How We Support Job Candidates

  • Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) – comprehensive, personalized job search & career coaching program
  • MW Labs Experience – experiential learning opportunities to propose solutions to hiring employers
  • Employer Engagement – live virtual events with employers, mentoring sessions and practice interviews

What Income Share Agreements Are & How They Compare to Loans



ISAs are a flexible alternative to loans. Basically, students pay an affordable percentage of their future income for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest.


  • Students do not pay until they find a job and reach the minimum income threshold
  • The payments adjust according to levels of the student’s income
  • Monthly payments are calculated by applying the income share rate to the total monthly earned income
  • ISA obligations can be ended earlier by making early payments as listed in the early payment schedule


Income Share Agreements     VS.       PLUS/Private Loans
Interest does not accrue or capitalize. Interest accrues and capitalizes.
Your credit score does not affect the terms of your ISA. Your credit score may affect the terms of your loan and could impact your eligibility.
Monthly payments are based on a percentage of your income. You pay a fixed amount each month, regardless of your income.
Payments don’t start until you make above the minimum salary level in your ISA contract. You make payments, even if you are not making an income.
You only make ISA payments within a specific timeframe, usually 5-7 years. After that your obligation is over. Loan payment term can extend indefinitely until you pay off the principal and interest.
You know the maximum amount you’ll pay, no matter what. Interest is capitalized, so the final payoff amount can increase over the life of the loan if you do not make minimum monthly payments.