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Looking for a New Job? Here are our Top 3 Tips for your Job Search Strategy

by | May 17, 2022

If you knew how to leverage recruiting trends and technology deployed by employers for your job search benefit, would you do the work?

Reading time: 10 minutes

Thinking through your approach ahead of time will enable you to generate a less stressful and more efficient strategy for your job search. Learn how to search for a job by harnessing this opportunity and actively removing potential barriers to advancing in the job application process.


How to Job Search Effectively with 3 Easy Steps

Life gets busy, but you need to hold yourself accountable. That means scheduling time on your calendar for job searching. If you struggle at any point of your brainstorm, consider consulting a mentor or trusted contact with whom you can talk through any difficulties. If your brainstorm is taking longer than anticipated, step away. Don’t torture yourself; you may simply need more time to think this through. Remember, the time you spend now thoughtfully curating your job search strategy will save you time later and fuel a stronger search.

Meanwhile, if you’re really wondering how to search for a job, you’ve probably moved on from asking “how do I find job boards?” to “how can I make sure my job search strategy is effective enough to land me a good job?” If that sounds like you, then keep on reading as we let you in on our top 3 tips that all job seekers should know.


1. Define Your Mindset
Think about how your attitude factors into your success.

Strategically speaking, defining your present mindset and considering self-improvements is important work. Various studies, analyses, and insights around this topic confirm that positive and/or growth mindsets can be strong predictors of future career success.

While we encourage you to learn more about defined mindsets on your own, the basic concept here is that professionals with a positive mindset assume they have the ability to learn, grow and improve. Through their positive lens, they see opportunities versus limitations and as a result typically earn successful outcomes.

Many professionals with a negative mindset assume they are unable to learn, grow and improve. Unfortunately, this mindset results in the candidate seeing only barriers to success. After all, how can you grow in your career if you don’t even believe you are capable of achieving more?

Pro Tip on Mindset while Searching for a Job: Defining your mindset is important to achieving your job search goals for one specific reason – employers actively source talent-possessing mindsets, which predict future employee success. Employers want to make good hires. It’s your job to understand recruiting trends and capitalize on opportunities to impress!


2. Practice Self-Awareness
To practice self-awareness in the workplace means to identify and strategically position your strengths and weaknesses.

Although clarifying your strengths and weaknesses can feel like a superficial or routine exercise, it’s important to your job search to take the time to do this. With a positive mindset, you could see the opportunity to strategically and confidently position your strengths and weaknesses so any employer you meet knows you are the best fit for the job. Get motivated to demonstrate your self-awareness (and your authenticity, as well).

Pro Tip on Self-Awareness and Job Searching: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses doesn’t only help show employers and recruiters that you’re well aware of your capabilities; it also helps you know your own boundaries and abilities so that you can land a role you’re a true fit for.


3. Do Your Research
Research to compare jobs and employers.

Would you buy a car without doing research, getting insight into vehicle performance compared to similar products on the market, understanding how to effectively negotiate a deal of interest, and, ideally, selecting a dealer with great customer service reviews? No!

Apply this same framework to assess job functions and the types of employers you are most interested in working with day in and day out. Do the research on the company and the role. When strategizing how to job search, it’s important to remember that growth opportunities and shared values are key to long-term work satisfaction.

Pro Tip on Researching Job Opportunities: Keep in mind, EVERY job is not for EVERYONE. Landing an opportunity that will set you up for success is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so don’t waste time on opportunities that aren’t your size!