The Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) for Institutions

Are you concerned about supporting students who aren’t on campus?
Is your institution fully online or using a hybrid model?
What about career services and job search coaching?
We’re here to help!

Objectives + Outcomes 

Through our Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP), we provide instruction around the foundational pieces for students’ job searches – such as designing their job strategies, resumes, and cover letters as well as conducting behavioral interviews, professional branding exercises and much more.

We also offer live webinars with HR partners, peer-to-peer mentoring sessions and virtual coaching to help give candidates confidence and a sense of community.

TAP is content-driven, structured and is able to meet the demanding and ever-changing job landscape with our on-going, adaptable, live offerings.

At the conclusion of the program, candidates should have gained:

  • A wealth of job-seeking tools to set themselves up for short and long-term success
  • Confidence to message their abilities, accomplishments and aspirations to potential employers
  • An enhanced ability to work with Applicant Tracking Systems and keywords, active verbs, online job boards and position their “brand” to attract potential employers
  • Advanced networking techniques for LinkedIn and social media channels
  • Sharpening of interviewing and research tactics to set candidates apart

Six core modules, delivered online in an asynchronous manner, complimented by live webinars, mentoring and virtual coaching:

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