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5 Ways to Improve your Resume & Make it Stand Out

by | Jul 1, 2020

We’ve all heard that having a stellar resume is one of the best ways of improving your chances of landing an interview. But how do you know that you have a great resume? What if you’re not getting any responses after applying for jobs that seem perfect for you and the employer? By following the five (5) proven but simple tactics below, you can vastly improve your resume, and give yourself the best shot at landing an interview.

  1. Get a second opinion: The more people you have look at your resume, the more opportunities you will create for constructive criticism and improvement. It’s a fine line, though; different people will have different opinions on how a resume should look, so ask the people you trust the most – and whom have had success with their own job searches – to give you their take. In the end, this is your resume and you need to be confident that the document depicts you in the way you want to be represented.
  2. Take inventory of the critiques: You may come across opinions and critiques that are similar (or the same) when it comes to your resume. Take stock of how many times one opinion might come up. Chances are that any observation which keeps popping up is likely hindering your job search. To improve your resume and make it the best it can be, listen to and take note of the opinions and that surface again and again.
  3. Use action verbs: Let’s be real. Resumes can be a drag to read through sometimes – especially if you’re a recruiter who potentially has to look at thousands per month. Keep your resume from getting bogged down with boring language and set it into motion with the use of action verbs. Did you simply do a task? Or did you devise and execute a plan? Did you sell something? Or did you drive sales operations to reach quarterly goals? Don’t just tell what you did; describe the challenge you accepted, how you took ownership and quantify the results you achieved, where possible.
  4. Cut the old stuff: Whether you’re fresh from college, or finding a new career path in life, it’s always good to focus on relevant content in your resume. In some cases, having experience from a different role might help your resume because it showcases a strong, specific element of your personality or highlights transferable skills. Maybe that one internship helped show off your ability to lead, or that part-time job allowed you to handle difficult situations. Just be sure to reflect on the position you’re targeting and refer to the job description to identify whether certain ‘other experience’ will matter to the employer or not.
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