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Why You Should Get Online Career Coaching Services for your Educational Institution

by | Sep 3, 2020

Learn about the launch of MentorWorks’ stand-alone online career platform and how you can bring online, asynchronous career coaching to your educational institution.


Our #pandemic2020 project has been all about helping candidates find jobs and we’re excited to officially launch our Talent Accelerator (Career Enhancement) Program to students (college or non-traditional) or candidates looking for employment – and you don’t need to be enrolled in our Income Share Agreement (ISA) program to participate.

MentorWorks offers a unique “fund and support” approach to college and non-traditional students and education partners. To supplement our ISA option, we provide our Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) platform which is delivered asynchronously and online.

Now, this robust career platform is not only available to all MentorWorks ISA participants, it is also available as a stand-alone career support option directly to schools, students and job seekers!


MentorWorks’ Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP) provides instruction around the foundational pieces for the job search – such as designing a job/internship strategy, resume, cover letters, cracking the ATS, salary calculations, behavioral interviews, professional branding, interpersonal skills and much more.


This “foundational plus” delivery, allows school partners to focus on more advanced techniques, mitigating time spent on day-to-day counseling and foundational pieces of the job/internship search – while also offering our unique features and feedback loops to their students. Additionally, with our live webinar, white-boarding and virtual advising functions we can address any topics in real-time, meeting the demanding and ever-changing job landscape. This allows our partners to focus on developing further employer and technical opportunities, while giving their students a high-level of service and added confidence in their career support.


At the conclusion of the program, candidates should have gained:

  • A wealth of job-seeking tools to set themselves up for short and long-term success
  • Confidence to message their abilities, accomplishments and aspirations to potential employers
  • An enhanced ability to work with Applicant Tracking Systems and keywords, active verbs, online job boards and position their “brand” to attract potential employers
  • Advanced networking techniques for LinkedIn and social media channels
  • Sharpening of interviewing and research tactics to set candidates apart
  • Most importantly, a sense of community and on-going support!



Our dedicated team, who has helped thousands of candidates make connections with employers and recruiters throughout their careers, has made this a robust platform – so whether you’re currently in school (college or non-traditional program), recently laid-off or looking for a career change – we’re here to help!

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