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MentorWorks Mission: Celebrating 1 Year of TAP

by | Apr 22, 2021

When Founders Karthik Krishnan and Mark Bernfeld set out to make MentorWorks, they wanted to solve two main problems: the first was to better prepare job seekers to find employment, and the second to provide a flexible alternative to the private loan. At our core we are about people. Every decision we make is a choice to better help our candidates and alums. Four years later, MentorWorks has grown into a certified CDFI that has kept its roots intact: to create alternative education funding opportunities and equip candidates with the skills they need to succeed in the job market.

We are here, and we are making a difference.

However, words mean nothing if there are no results.
Here are a few things our candidates have said about their MentorWorks experience:

“Find your passion and find a way to make it marketable, then acknowledge your barriers and figure out how to break them down. That’s the path to success.” – Fatimat Lukan, Data Analyst @ Akamai Technologies


“As a former lender and some one who issued thousands of student loans, I had no vested interest in the success of the student. MentorWorks does have a genuine, personal interest in your success and your definition of success.” – Wayne Peterson, Sr. Operations Manager @ SelectQuote Insurance Services


“MentorWorks gave me the knowledge and skills to approach my job search with full confidence. Not only did the course help me to navigate my job search, it also helped me to develop each aspect of my job application. I went into the course feeling lost in my search and left it with a strong sense of my skill set as well as a new understanding of my personal priorities for the beginning of my career. The TAP Course even gave me the confidence to decline a job that didn’t fit with my newly realized career goals. I am forever grateful for the TAP Course and the skills that I gained through it.” – Hannah Malloy, Research Assistant


“Stack Education is an incredible asset in advancing your skillset for the modern economy. MentorWorks Talent Accelerator Platform has provided me with tangible relevant technical and soft skills that I can use throughout my career as a technology professional.” – Dawdu Mahama Amantanah, Customer Operations Specialist @ Crayon


“The Talent Accelerator Program is an invaluable asset for anyone at any point in their career, from newly graduated students entering the workforce to tenured professionals looking to make an industry change. The value of resources provided, such as interview skills, resume building, and networking, make MentorWorks a crucial tool for those looking to elevate their career.” – Alexa Pellegrini, Events Coordinator @ Rave Mobile Safety


“Finding employment during a pandemic was a challenge I didn’t feel prepared for, but MentorWorks completely adjusted my perspective. Even when the job search felt exhausting, MentorWorks provided me the support and encouragement I needed to succeed. I just signed with a company that aligns with my skills, values, and career goals and I couldn’t be more grateful to the TAP and the MentorWorks team for giving me the tools I needed to get here.” – Robert Vance, Program Manager @ Hack Diversity

In addition, we hire a diverse cast of employees, some of whom themselves are MentorWorks ISA-funded candidates:

“The Talent Accelerator Platform helped me focus on enhancing my soft skills as well as shifted my views to help me focus on highlighting my personal brand and the message I wanted to bring to others when building my professional network.” – Ian Fields, Web + Marketing Operations Manager


“So far, I love the diversity and how well everybody works together to accomplish different tasks. I am also happy to be a part of the mission of helping students afford their education as that will ultimately help them succeed in life.” – Lois Dankwa, Compliance and Underwriting Analyst

This week marks 1 year since the launch of the MentorWorks Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP), and we’re exceedingly proud of all the progress our TAP candidates have made thus far. With each candidate we serve, we encourage them to give back to the MentorWorks community through our growing mentorship program in an effort to grow our holistic support model, and come back to Pay it Forward in our Peer-to-Peer Sessions. Our candidates are testament to what we aim to achieve on an even larger scale, and we look forward to empowering many more in the future.

Positive outcomes are our goal, transparency is in our nature, and investing in oneself is what we teach.