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MentorWorks’ Course Explorer provides aspiring technology and trade professionals with a curated selection of top bootcamps and certification programs. Each of the programs highlighted in this marketplace has demonstrated strong employment outcome data and a proven track record of graduate career success.

Do you already have a college degree but want to change careers and need additional education? Are you looking for a higher paying, more rewarding job but can’t delay the next step for another 2-4 years? Have you reached a plateau in your current role and want to skill up to move up?

Whatever your motivation may be, our Course Explorer can help streamline your research, understand the skills needed to pursue specific careers, and compare educational programs that can put you on the path to your dream job.

Coding Bootcamps

Learn programming languages, software development tools, and engineering processes needed to launch a successful career in coding.

Data Analytics Bootcamps

Data analytics bootcamp can increase your chances of getting hired as a data analyst in this high-demand job market.

Web Development Bootcamps

Acquire a versatile skillset that can be applied in any industry for a highly rewarding tech career.

Software Engineering Bootcamps

Go beyond writing code, master the process of software engineering, and take products from concept to launch.

Cybersecurity Bootcamps

IT Operations is booming and the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is unmatched.

Data Science Bootcamps

Learn the statistics, programming and data modeling skills to solve complex business problems and become a top earner.

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamps

Build applications from start to finish – from the front-end user interface to the back-end server and database.

Software Development Bootcamps

Immerse yourself in coding by developing practical, real-world applications with in-demand programming languages.

Bootcamp Graduates Have Careers at These Employers

Bank of America

… And More

Common Careers for Graduates of Bootcamps Shown

Average Entry Level Salaries in the U.S. – Updated June 7, 2022

Average Entry Level Salaries

  • Full-Stack Developer: $103,365
  • Web Developer: $64,321
  • Software Developer: $119,044
  • Software Engineer: $97,112
  • Cybersecurity Engineer: $77,674
  • Data Analyst: $65,471
  • Data Scientist: $99,049

Provided by Glassdoor

Current Job Openings in the U.S. – Updated June 7, 2022

Job Openings

  • Full-Stack Developer: 28,727 (11,428 Remote)
  • Web Developer: 60,860 (20,811 Remote)
  • Software Developer: 253,488 (79,851 Remote)
  • Software Engineer: 253,488 (79,289 Remote)
  • Cybersecurity Engineer: 17,226 (4,867 Remote)
  • Data Analyst: 42,892 (8,277 Remote)
  • Data Scientist: 29,041 (7,087 Remote)

Provided by Indeed

Financing Options

Students may pay the tuition up-front or choose from financing options outlined by each program. Many students have used an Income Share Agreement (ISA) to finance their tuition.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are a flexible alternative to traditional fixed payment installment loans. Basically, students pay a percentage of their future income for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest.

Not Sure If a Bootcamp Is Right For You?

If You’re Interested in Finding your Career Path with one of these Programs, but not sure if it’s right for you then give our courses a try!

Python Basics will paint a picture of the ins and outs of Python, how it can be used, and help you crack the code of your career path.

Establishing the Coding Mindset is a module that provides you the pathway to learn how to learn coding for the rest of your life! (Yes, we said learn twice on purpose).

Featured Program Reviews

“The specialized knowledge that I have gained [sic], such as exploratory data analysis, prediction modeling, visualization with different types of datasets, and the assignments that were provided by lecturers, helped me to be, more confident and has improved my analytical, writing, and research skills.”

“The amount that I’ve learned since I joined Code Fellows and post Code Fellows is just insane. So much of software development is commitment, time, and patience. Things will click if you just keep going”


“Find your passion and find a way to make it marketable. Then acknowledge your barriers and figure out how to break them down.”


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