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MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

MentorWorks has partnered up with an institution that provides the foundational knowledge you need to learn how to be successful at sales, as well as the opportunity to apply those skills in a real world environment supported by live instructors guiding you daily as you develop your abilities.

Fuel Sales Academy was created to help people learn and develop the skills required to have a long and successful career in business-to-business (B2B) sales. Our programs have been developed based on a strong belief that you will not become a successful sales professional by simply reading books or sitting in a classroom. You have to apply the skills you have learned in a real world environment. Learning how to overcome the constant rejection and failure that comes with sales has to be part of a holistic experience.

So we created an academy offering a mix of instructional training and paid on-the-job sales career development. Start with our free SDR Foundations class to see if sales is the right thing for you, then move to our “Earn While You Learn” Sales Accelerator Program to put those skills to the test and launch your sales career.

Programs Offered:

    SDR Foundations Bootcamp

    Earn While You Learn Sales Accelerator Program

Course Listing:

The SDR Foundations Bootcamp will give you are strong foundation of sales and the fundamentals around B2B prospecting. The skills taught in this class will help you to understand better whether or not sales can be the right path for you. This bootcamp is a prerequisite in order to join our Accelerator.

The “Earn While You Learn” Sales Accelerator Program is a paid opportunity where you will take the skills you learned in the bootcamp and begin to apply them in a real world setting. During this time you will be paid an hourly wage plus a commission. You will be paired up with instructors to support your development through the entire program. After graduating from the Accelerator, the Fuel Sales Academy recruiting team begins to present you to our partner companies as a proven successful SDR candidate for hire.

Outcome Data:

Due to the nature of this program, not everyone who applies will be accepted into the Accelerator and not everyone who is accepted into the Accelerator will graduate. However, everyone who graduates from this program will be presented to our partner companies and have an opportunity to start their career in sales with an amazing company.

Admissions Info:

Interested candidates must apply online and complete and interview process. Part of this process is to complete the SDR Foundations Bootcamp.

How to Apply:

Complete the online form located at www.gofuelsales.com/sales-academy
Complete the SDR Foundations Bootcamp
Complete a live interview with one of our instructors

Tuition + Fees:

There are no fees or tuition costs associated with these programs. Due to the fact our students will be practicing live calling with real companies, the fees associated with this program are paid by the companies. The students are paid for there work during the Accelerator training program.

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